303 AC With Tywin encamped at Harrenhal, which was too strong a fortress to attack directly, Robb instead launched a limited invasion of the Lannister homelands in the west. Next 303 AC By the point the novels reached, only one of the five titular leaders in the War of the Five Kings is still alive - Stannis. Westeros Winterfell is left sacked by Ramsay Snow after the Ironborn surrender. [17] Robert's younger brother and master of laws, Renly, unaware of the illegitimacy of Cersei's children, proposes to Eddard that they take Cersei's children hostage, as to prevent the Lannisters from seizing power after Robert's death. In order to protect them, Cersei raised them as Robert's sons. The Freys and Boltons not only betrayed their liege-lords, but the Freys also broke the solemn Guest right by attacking the Starks after formally accepting them into their castle as guests, and during a wedding no less. In addition to the nobles, Tywin's death brought new forces to King's Landing: the religious Sparrows entered the capital, much to Kevan's dismay (as well as the fact that his son is one of them) since they never would have dared come when Tywin was still alive. Undeterred, Euron ordered the Ironborn still remaining to build a thousand more ships using any trees they can find. The Lannister victory seems secure, but the crucial relationship between the Lannisters and the Tyrells quickly begins to fray after several sudden deaths further upset the balance of power. However, Renly refused to take decisive action, relying on his popularity to draw more supporters to his cause while his enemies destroyed one another. No one knows or remember her. Coup in Dorne In the wake of his brother's death, he has been appointed as the new leader of the Lannister armies. End Robb Stark did not lay claim to the Iron Throne; instead, he was declared the King in the North by his bannermen, and proclaimed independence for the North and the Riverlands, constituting a revived Kingdom of the North. However, the revelation that he, along with his brother and sister, are bastards born of incest between Queen Consort Cersei and her twin brother, Ser Jaime Lannister, leads both of Robert's younger brothers, Stannis and Renly Baratheon, to claim the throne for themselves. Cersei kisses the corpse of her father Tywin. In the aftermath of the Battle of the Blackwater, hundreds of new knights are made and several new lords are created to replace those killed in the battle. As the name implies, over the course of the war five men claim the title of king: Joffrey Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, and Renly Baratheon all claim the Iron Throne, whilst the separatists Robb Stark and Balon Greyjoy attempt to secede their lands from the rule of the Iron Throne, with Robb claiming the titles of King in the North and King of the Trident and Balon claiming to be King of the Isles and the North. On the ship, Jaime attempts to explain the truth to Myrcella, but she admits to already knowing that Jaime is his father, and expresses her happiness that he is. Knowing that King Tommen insists on Myrcella's return to King's Landing, Doran agrees as long as his son Trystane can sit on the small council as Oberyn was meant to and as long as Trystane and Myrcella's marriage can continue. [58], Lord Walder Frey agrees to reconcile with Robb on the condition that Robb apologizes in person and that Edmure Tully, now Lord of Riverrun following the death of Hoster Tully, marry his daughter Roslin, in place of the broken betrothal made with Robb. [7] Lord Tywin moved to the east bank of the Green Fork of the Trident to intercept the Stark force. Tensions between the two families only worsened when Catelyn Stark's sister Lysa Arryn sent a raven to Catelyn with a message, stating that Lysa's husband, the late Jon Arryn, was poisoned by the Lannisters. Rickon is killed shortly before the battle after he is pierced by one of Ramsay's arrows, which causes the Stark army to march forward and fall into a Bolton phalanx. Meanwhile, Catelyn placed Tyrion Lannister, Cersei and Jaime's youngest brother, under arrest and had him tried at the Eyrie, the seat of House Arryn, for plotting to murder her son. Once they meet, she explains the situation regarding Sansa and the campaign against the Boltons. He confronts her about the matter, offering her the option to flee, which she refuses. [151], One little dragon could end this great big war.[152]. [95], After Joffrey's death is confirmed, Cersei Lannister orders the arrest of Tyrion and his wife Sansa Stark,[89] though in truth the poison was supplied by Petyr Baelish via Dontos Hollard and administered by Olenna Tyrell.[103]. As the King in the North, Robb declares that the North and the Riverlands, ruled by his maternal grandfather Hoster Tully, are a sovereign Kingdom of the North no longer subject to the rule of the Iron Throne.[2]. [33] Lysa Arryn, Robb's aunt, refuses to respond to requests for aid, and the Vale of Arryn remains neutral. [6], The Lannister force separated into two armies of 30,000 men each. With its armies broken and scattered, its seat of power besieged, and its heir Edmure Tully captured, the war is essentially lost for House Tully. [41], Why the oldest son, and not the best-fitted? When Eddard tried to take Joffrey into custody as an imposter, Joffrey, who had been forewarned by Lord Baelish, had Eddard arrested instead. Joffrey was succeede​d as King by his younger brother, Tommen Baratheon. Edmure inflicted two to one casualties and the Lannisters withdrew.