The future will also see the introduction of alternative technologies for using waterborne coatings, high solid paints and … Find out more in a Guide for spray painters and councils (PDF 606 KB) that helps them control emissions from spray painting operations. Controlling spray paint emissions. of spray painting, including employers, contractors, employees, safety and health representatives, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of plant or materials used in spray painting. The strategy behind any laws that may be passed in the future will be to reduce the emission of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere from spray painting and surface coating. A room can be set aside exclusively for painting provided it meets the requirements you have mentioned, NFPA 33-1989, and 1910.94. View a list of NSW councils. It is an offence to carry a can of spray paint that could be used to mark graffiti in particular areas without a good reason, such as needing to carry these tools because of your work. Car painting laws regulate the type of ingredients that can be included in the car paint and the method in which the paint will be applied. A person shall not carry out spray painting, lacquering, steam cleaning, grinding, sand blasting or blasting with grit or other substances, or other similar process or processes on a road or land owned by or under the control of the Council, or in the open air within thirty (30) metres from the nearest habitable room. Under the OSHA standard 1910.94 Ventilation, a spray room is a room in which spray-finishing operations not conducted in a spray booth are performed separately from other areas. Brush painting is labor-intensive and requires each surface be to be hand painted one section at a time. Other legislation The Environmental Protection Act 1986and Regulations have specific provisions relating to spray painting. Possessing graffiti tools. Report any issues with spray painting (overspray or fumes) to the council. Spray painting refers to the process of atomising a paint-solvent mix—forming a mist of fine liquid aerosol paint droplets 10–50 μm (micrometres) in diameter—in a ‘gun’ under pressure, and applying the aerosol spray onto the object or surface to be painted. The places where carrying graffiti tools is an offence are: on property that belongs to a transport company (for example, bus shelters, buses and trains) Spray painting is suitable for painting large houses as it allows for more area to be painted, thereby getting the job done a lot faster than brush or roller painting.