Problems can be broken down and find a way out through the development of ecotourism in rural area. We then (chapter 2) offer a broad approach to Sustainable rural tourism. Development, in order to show how important rural tourism may indeed be, as a sector with potential for growth at a time when other sectors are faltering. WTO estimates an increase of 6% per annum against the growth of 2% tourism in general. Rural tourism is especially popular among Europe’s relatively large older age group of 50–70. Secondly, we review the current situation of rural tourism in Japan as a case study and estimate the market size of rural tourism in this country. RURAL TOURISM DEFINED -- THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TOURISM AND AGRICULTURE Across the rural regions of the developed world the issues of population decline, economic change and community regeneration are universal. Rural tourism meets the demand of open space to practice a wide range of recreational, sports and cultural distraction. The easy to read “straight-talking” style sets out to provide guidance for rural entrepreneurs in developing a rural tourism initiative, based on the experiences and SECTION THREE - STRATEGIC FOCUS 55 3.1 Rural Tourism … Rural tourism is considered as an important strategy for contributing to the entrenchment of the population, job creation, and ultimately, to the promotion of socio- economic development of disadvantaged areas 6. They have more free time and money than other groups. 2.7 Rural Tourism and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) 47 2.8 International Best Practice 48 2.8.1 Case Studies 50 2.9 Challenges and Barriers in developing the strategy 53 2.10 Institutional Implications 54 3. This paper describes the problems of rural development in Indonesia. The direction of rural tourism demands is a variable which depends on domestic and international tourists visits (Gharah, 2008). Introduction Tourism is the most attractive and the fastest growing industry in the world. Often their children have moved out, or they are entering retirement. The Teagasc Rural Tourism booklet is designed to quickly provide answers for readers seeking information on any aspect of rural tourism development opportunities. Thirdly, problems and constraints of rural tourism are discussed and, finally, policy implications for the future development of rural tourism are mentioned. Field of Research: Tourism, small business, performance, Malaysia 1. Rural tourism growth is 3 times greater than the increase in tourism in general. The vulnerability of rural tourism to current and expected increasing fuel, energy and food prices compromises the profitability and resilience of rural tourism. For over a century, the powerful trends of industrialisation and urbanisation have There is the potential opportunity for tourism operators in rural areas to reduce overheads and the resources they use by moving away from expensive and polluting sources of energy. I. perspective. The supply of rural tourism products corresponds with tourism demands in a region and the demand depends on the good value, services, and facilities. Vineyard tours can be a form of rural tourism. Subjects covered include the ongoing evolution of rural tourism as a genre; its numerous niche markets, and market trends; community involvement, and its impacts on rural landscape conservation and society. Furthermore, this also accelerates the economic transformation from agriculture to manufacturing and services, improves welfare to farmer and promotes an environmental conservation in rural areas.