The Bar The brand-new Race & Sports Book VIP lounge features exceptional service and an incredibly modern aesthetic. Your email address will not be published. If you want Asian food, Boathouse is a sushi bar and also serves Chinese and Vietnamese. There are many more round tables and chairs, and it’s right next to the video poker bar. Gamblers' Challenge Football Contest for college and pro football. It’s never going to be a place that makes you think, “I have to come back here”, however, its sportsbook isn’t bad at all. (702) 367-2411. but covers all the standard bases with modern bathrooms and furniture. When you enter, there is either counter row seating or small round tables and chairs. The 20 TVs are all the same size and are posted overhead in three rows for those sitting far away. It might be a little obvious, or a little bit of a stretch, to call the Palace Station Race and Sports book an actual palace, but for the purposes of wager-placing and sports and race watching, it may as well be. Being a local casino, there are always going to be promotions and discounts offered to locals and nearby tourists. It’ll fill up fast though on days when something special is happening, and an ordinary NFL Sunday is enough to constitute that. Palace Station opens new Race and Sports Book and Poker Room as part of $192 million modernization project (LAS VEGAS, August 23, 2018) – Palace Station, the original Las Vegas locals’ casino, has debuted its all-new race and sports book and poker room as part of the property’s $192 million modernization project. Smoking is permitted. Opening an account is easy and free, but you’ll need separate accounts for sports and horses if you’re planning to bet both. Please visit the race and sports book for details. As you get further inside, it feels substantially more private because the edges of the sportsbook are right near the noisy slots. That’s what it is at Palace Station, and any bet in the racebook will get you a drink ticket. Do a search below to see deals on your dates, then look for the. This probably doesn’t happen too often, but either way, you can always put your bets in using the Station Casinos betting app. It caters to locals and tourists who want to save money by staying off the strip. If you’re looking for a steakhouse, go to The Charcoal Room. With over 200 seats, 40 screens, a stunning VIP lounge, and an energetic atmosphere, there’s no better place to find the latest lines and grab a front-row seat to your favorite sporting events. You can expect a decent turnout during the less busy nights of the week, but you should have no trouble getting a seat. These minimums are certainly enforced, but that’s hardly to suggest you can’t finagle yourself a few extra drinks by being cool with the cashiers and servers. You can earn points at Boulder Station, Green Valley Ranch Resort, Palace Station, Red Rock Resort, Santa Fe, Sunset Station, Wild Wild West and Wildfires Gaming locations. Next to it are two rows of big leather chairs in front of the sportsbook’s only big screen. Palace Station is not a hassle to watch a game at and is certainly better than several of the Strip’s sportsbooks, but at the end of the day we don’t recommend it. Great news! There are only a few cashiers, so the line is more prone to getting long if they are understaffed. Both the race and sports books have 18 hanging plasma screens, 10 55-inch big screens and 88 individual 15-inch monitors at every other seat. It caters to locals and tourists who want to save money by staying off the strip. However, its sound quality was overall mediocre because it was much better in some parts of the book than others. An All-New Las Vegas Sports Book. The racebook and its several rows of desk seating, with each space having its own TV can hold between five and six dozen people. Located adjacent to each other, both the poker room and race and sports book … Description. Details. Its immediate surroundings are a little shady, and the overall feeling of being inside Palace Station is something of a “down and out” experience.