Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Introduction A business develops in course of time with complexities. A famous example of this is how McDonald’s had to change its menu to serve and emerge as a major fast food giant in the Indian market. However effective management can be easily felt. HRM consists of people-related functions … Educational Management is Universal Process: Educational Management is a universal process. Management cannot be touched or it isn’t tangible. In its essence, Human resource management comprises the following: 1. Management can be defined as all the activities and tasks were undertaken for the purpose of archiving an objective or goal by continuous activities like; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division CHAPTER-01 NATURE OF MANAGEMENT We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum 2. The management activity is mainly concerned with management of man, who is a social animal having his own nature, desires and expectations which cannot be repressed or eliminated. The need of management can be arise in every field of Commercial, War, Religion, Human Relation etc. Nature and Significance of Management In this extremely competitive market, one advantage a company can have over its competitors is its quality of management. Nature of Principles of Management: By nature is intended conditions and aspects. Managing life implies getting everything done to accomplish life’s aspirations and maintaining an establishment means getting everything done wh and by other people to deliver its objectives. 2. Intangible Force. NATURE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The emergence of human resource management can be attributed to the writings of the human relationists who … If an organization has effective and efficient management, all other activities fall into place. Educational Management is an art: … Sound management is the fortitude of thriving companies. Nature of Human Resource Management Simply put, Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to the application of management principles to management of people in an organization. It is related to each and every country, society, organisation etc. Thus management is dynamic in nature and adapts to the ever-changing social, economic and political conditions. Management is not only essential to business concerns but also essential to Banks, business concerns but also … The nature or characteristics of management can be discussed are as follows: 1. This is too simple a statement and fails to capture the essence of human resource management. Management (or managing) is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a not-for-profit organization, or government body. This is the main reason why the principles of management are affected by human behaviour, and often human behaviour is the main hindrance in the successful application of principles of management. Nature of Management - Management Principles 1.