toppr. Linear Magnification Produced by Mirrors The linear magnification produced by a spherical mirror (concave or convex) is defined as the ratio of the height of the image (h ยข) to the height of the object (h).It is a pure ratio and has no units. So, magnification produced by convex mirror is always less than one. Step-by-step solution: 100 %(3 ratings) for this solution. MEDIUM. D. zero. B. less than 1. Magnification produced by a convex mirror is always: A. equal to 1. Answered By . Answer. What is the focal length of this mirror? Mirror formula & magnification Concave and convex mirrors Google Classroom Facebook Twitter Upvote(2) C. more than 1. The sign conventions for the given quantities in the mirror equation and magnification equations are as follows: f is + if the mirror is a concave mirror; f is - if the mirror is a convex mirror; d i is + if the image is a real image and located on the object's side of the mirror. geesa education, Mirror formula derivation, magnification formula derivation for concave and convex mirrors (II) The magnification of a convex mirror is +0.55X for objects 3.2 m from the mirror. A convex mirror always creates a virtual image which is diminished.