A spirt must be alcoholic (also distilled), and by that terminology, beer and wine aren’t spirits. Sugarlands Appalachian Strawberry Dream Sippin’ Cream 750 Ml. Doesn’t contain alcohol. Liquor is essentially an alcoholic beverage. Contains alcohol. Sugarlands Shine Southern Sweet Tea Moonshine 750Ml. $49.99. Liquor vs Liqueur: #1: Liquor. Views: 372. Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream. Liqueur, on the other hand, is essentially liquor that has been flavored with fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers, nuts or even cream. Sold out. Cointreau Liqueur. 1. Sugarlands Appalachian Eggnog Sippin’ Cream 750Ml. 43 Liqueur. It may also contain added sugar or sweeteners, It is also commonly known as spirit or distilled beverage. Liqueur vs Liquor: There’s a Difference. Kahlúa has been around since the 1930s, combining arabica coffee beans and Mexican-grown sugar in this liqueur. 3 Differences: Chocolate Liquor and Liqueur. The main difference between Liquor and Liqueur is that the Liquor is a alcoholic beverage that is produced by distilling and Liqueur is a alcoholic beverage, sweetened and flavored distilled spirit. Sold out . $39.99. At first glance, liquor and liqueur nearly look and sound the same, but there is a difference and they are unique from each other. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Liqueur. Main Difference . Some liquors may include sugar, but in technical terms, liquor should be “sugar-free”. $24.99. Liquor, also called distilled liquor or distilled spirits, can sometimes refer to wine or beer, but in most cases the term is meant to refer to alcoholic beverages other than wine and beer. Liquor vs. Liqueur. Chocolate liquor: Thick paste-like mass made of pure cocoa solids and cocoa butter. These liquors are usually produced by a method of fermenting grain, fruit, or vegetables. Published: 12 Jun, 2019. Sold out. $19.99. $29.99. Liquor. ADVERTISEMENT. "This very classic Mexican coffee liqueur is widely used worldwide for cocktails and cooking because of its great coffee notes, versatility and balance,” says Pablo Guerrero, the food and beverage manager of Azabu Miami Beach. $19.99. 0. Carolans Irish Cream. Chocolate liqueur: Beverage made from a base liquor like whiskey or vodka (containing alcohol) to which chocolate is added. Liqueur is made from liquor; it’s sweetened, often flavored (think almondy Amaretto or chocolatey Crème de Cacao), and generally lower proof. Made from cocoa beans. $19.99. Distillation is the process of vaporization followed by condensation, and is used for the purification of liquids. Unlike wine, liquors have only been around for about 2,000 years. The word liquor is essentially pronounced “Licker” and can be used interchangeably with words like spirt or hard alcohol. $19.99.