The Ka of hydrazoic acid is … HAsO 4 2– 3.2×10 –12. Keep in mind that the Ka of hydrazoic acid is 2.2 × 10-5. but [H ] should no equal to 2.78*10^-4 M. Hint: you have assumed that the change in acid concentration is not significant. Answer to: The Ka of hydrazoic acid (HN3) is 1.9 x 10-5 at 25.0 C. What is the pH of a 0.40 M aqueous solution of HN3? Problem #1: Calculate the percent dissociation of a weak acid in a 0.050 M HA solution. Acid Formula K a. Acetic acid HC 2 H 3 O 2 1.8×10 –5 Acrylic acid HC 3 H 3 O 2 5.5×10 –5 Aluminum 3+ ion Al 3+ (aq) 1.4×10 –5 Ammonium ion NH 4 + 5.6×10 –10 Anilinium ion C 6 H 5 NH 3 + 1.4×10 –5 Arsenic acid H 3 AsO 4 6.0×10 –3 H 2 AsO 4 – 1.0×10 –7. What is the Ka for hydrazoic acid? Use the method of successive approximations. A 100 mL sample of hydrazoic acid, HN3(aq) with a concentration of 0.25 mol/L has a pH of 2.78. Heavy metal azides, which are salts of hydrazoic acid, HN3, are used as explosive detonators. Update: PH = 3.56 . Return to a listing of many types of acid base problems and their solutions. What is the pH after 13.3 mL of base is added? Calculate the pH of 500ml of 1M hydrazoic acid. asked by Omi on August 1, 2013; Chemistry. PLZ answer this question. Ka=2.5x10^-5? Return to the Acid Base menu. A 30.00 mL sample of 0.1500 M hydroazoic acid (HN3; Ka = 1.9 x 10-5) is titrated with 0.1000 M KOH. 3 Answers. Calculate the Ka for hydrazoic acid. I need help i do not know how to do this problem at all. Acid Ionization Constants at 25 °C. Just comment below. Calculating the pH isn't too tough, and I'm happy to help with any questions you may have. DeWayne D. Anderson. … A 30 ml sample of of 0.150 m hydrazoic acid (ka = 4.50x10^-4 ) is titrated with a 0.100 m NaOH what is the ph after the ff additions of NaOH 30ml 45ml 60ml . A solution of 0.10 M hydrazoic acid has a pH of 3.36. Start with the dissociation equation, HA <=> [H+][A-], meaning that Ka = [H+][A-]/[HA]. Relevance. A 25.0-mL sample of 0.150 M hydrazoic acid is titrated with a 0.150 M NaOH solution. If we have 1 molar hydrazoic acid, then how much will dissociate? Use the successive approximations approach to solve for [H ] Answer Save.