Our students can apply relevant theories and appropriate scientific methods in their field of work. Our students can act according to ethical principles when doing scientific work. Mag. We are delighted with all the graduates who choose to stay in touch even long after completion of their studies, and allowing us to be a part of their various careers: The master program “International Business & Management” supports you on your path to a global career. Written entrance exam - 30%The written entrance exam tests the applicant’s knowledge in English, Mathematics and Business Studies. Scholarships are available for applicants from non-EU countries and can be applied for as part of your online application. That is why I feel privileged to engage with MCI students, who will be the future leaders and managers driving Digital Transformation. The content and scope of the part-time study program correspond to those of a full-time study program. Danny Szajnowicz; Trainer and Management Consultant, CA Akademie AG, Germany. The programme trains academics who are able to apply their problem-solving skills in new, unfamiliar situations that have a broader or multidisciplinary connection with their field of study. Graduates of relevant Bachelor programs. Our aim is to shape your international career and compete with the best management schools. Simply select your desired location and contact your personal contact directly. Degree Program’ in your selected major module by completing a year abroad at the University of Chester in the UK. Graduates of other Bachelor or post-secondary programs comprising courses in economics, strategic management / marketing, accounting, controlling and human resource management / business process management (totaling a minimum of 80 ECTS). • Strategy (what) looks at how to : Create Capture Value Deliver • Organization (how) requires understanding and expanding of organizational capabilities • International management adds the dynamics of location (where) Firms motivations for goin Are there any electives in my study program? We are constantly developing our study programs to train the next generation of specialists and managers. Our methods of teaching and learning are continually evaluated and improved to find the best possible approach. Digital Transformation tops the agendas of CEOs from both SME and large corporations. If you choose the part-time model, your on-campus lectures will be held on Fridays (02.30 pm to 10.00 pm) and Saturdays (08.30 am to 05.00 pm). Do I have to take the English test when having a TOEFL /IELTS certificate? It takes special characteristics, such as motivation and personality, to be successful in the field. Students can choose two out of four specializations – Digital Business, Marketing Management, Innovation & Global Networks, and Financial Management – which are integrated into several highly attractive competence streams. Through close cooperation with industry and the practical orientation of all courses, MCI graduates are in particularly high demand on the job market and have several job offers even before graduation. It takes special characteristics, such as motivation and personality, to be successful in the field. Each program also includes the opportunity for students to spend a semester abroad at one of MCI’s many partner institutions. Hochschule Fresenius blends tradition with innovation. Mag. Our BSc Business Management (International Management) is designed to equip you with practical skills and professional confidence for a successful career in a multinational corporation. Our Bachelor’s study program in International Business Management (B.A.) Regardless of having a TOEFL or IELTS certificate – even when being a native speaker – you will have to take the English exam as well. This program combines the latest findings from management research and business practice. Different international study options round off the program to gain international experience and apart from all this, MCI is known for its excellent study conditions in the breathtaking environment of the Austrian Alps. Source: GZ BMWF-52.330/0195-I/6/2013. Besides the common core modules, students of the master program “International Business & Management” may therefore choose two out of four specializations: Yes. In today’s world, all business models and company structures are directly affected by internationalization and globalization. Yes. )* addresses these changes and lays the foundations for a successful career in an international company. Our English-language Master’s program in International Business Management (M.A. Which requirements do I have to fulfill in order to be admitted to the Master’s program „International Business & Management”? In addition, you will have 3-day courses (Thursday to Saturday) – approximately two times per semester. Fundação Getulio Vargas University, São Paulo, Brazil; Fudan University, Shanghai, China; Royal Roads University, Vancouver/Victoria, Canada; Silicon Valley Institute & San Francisco State University Extension, San Francisco, USA, Internationally oriented classes at the MCI plus excursion, Business consultancy, tax advisory & auditing. Double degree program (two semesters) offered in cooperation with selected partner institutions, e.g. Our graduates are effective communicators in their field of work. What are the “International Study Options”? Information sheet - admission ( pdf | 186.79K ). On this course, we'll help you to develop vital skills in international business management. MCI Alumni are entitled to combine their academic degree with the brand “MCI” to provide trust and orientation in an increasingly intransparent international education market. Today it is possible that each of these students will be the founder of a possible Unicorn company tomorrow. Graduates of the program are conferred the academic title of Master of Arts in Business, in short MA or M.A. Practice-oriented business and management teaching combined with a solid methodological and scientific foundation gives students a holistic perspective which opens promising opportunities for students to boost their careers. Take on new and emerging markets in an international context. In which fields can I specialize when studying the master program “International Business & Management“? Studying Management in International Business requires more from an applicant than just the necessary school leaving certificates. The program is entirely taught in English.