A pocket knife is a useful tool to always have on hand. Learn how to sharpen a pocket knife with this step-by-step guide. Today we will explore the best way to sharpen a pocket knife. They come in handy in plenty of situations such as hunting, cutting rope and wire, when you’re defending yourself from attackers, fishing, mapping, and digging. The rod should be held straight up and down such that it stays perfectly vertical. Maybe you just want to sharpen up your new pocket knife blade to make it as sharp as possible. Using the rod. Knowing how to sharpen a pocket knife correctly is very important if you own one, or are planning do. It works! Sharpening my pocket knife: The portable knife sharpener shown in the picture is one that I often use. About The Author . The basic technique to sharpen kitchen knives and a pocket knife is the same as the steps listed above! ... How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife. Know that you know everything needed to sharpen a pocket knife, you can go enjoy your razor sharp tool in the outdoors. Well, you came to the right place. Blade Sharpening. As it’s used to ‘hone’ the edge of your pocket knife, a honing rod can be a fantastic investment that you can use on any kinds of knives. Swipe slowly and gently across and down the rod with the full length of the blade, starting from handle of the knife to the tip. Here’s a basic method to sharpen a knife! How to glide the knife against the rod is the next step of how to sharpen a pocket knife. Pocket knives are important tactical gear that every camper or person spending some time outdoors should have. How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife With a Honing Rod Step 1 – Hold the rod by the handle. Using a Honing Rod to Sharpen a Pocket Knife. A diamond rod is for a knife blade with serious damage or very dulled blade. To do so, start by gliding the blade against the rock. How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife – From Dull to Razor Sharp. A honing rod serves the same purpose as the sharpening stone but the technique used for it is a little bit different. Mike Napier. ... A Honing Rod. Choosing the Right Honing Rod. In essence, it’s basically the same as a sharpening stone, and will give you very similar results. Typically when using your sharpening steel, you should maintain an angle between 25 to 30 degrees to sharpen a pocket knife. This is important if you don’t want to leave gashes on the countertops or dull your knife in the process. You should repeat this process multiple times to produce a sharp knife edge. Most of the times they are made from steel but they can be made from other materials such as ceramic. They’re super easy to use and tend to be very affordable. After placing the pocket knife at the correct angle against the sharpening stone, it is time to begin the sharpening process. To be safe, place the tip of an old towel on top of the cutting board or chopping block. These methods will apply to more than just pocket knives but because this is a camping website we are going to focus on pocket knives. Run one side of the knife’s edge along the rod, but don’t apply too much pressure. Whether you find yourself whittling away using it as a whittling knife, or setting traps and snares using your bush craft skills, you can always count on having a sharp pocket knife.