To start begin abrading the full length of the edge along a coarse stone (about 220 … Learning how to sharpen a pocket knife is a surprisingly easy skill, which requires only two primary tools.For effective pocket knife honing and sharpening you require a stone to work on, and some lubricant to keep it moving smoothly over the stone's surface. The Chefic Whetstone 2 in 1 Premium Sharpening Stone is one of the larger models of bench stone available. Knowing how to use a whetstone to sharpen a knife helps you get close and intimate to the work. 7. There are various knife sharpening techniques that you could use to get the job done. The dual sided construction is perfect for extremely fine and sharp honing. Tools for Keeping a Pocket Knife Sharp. Let’s look at some of the commonly used methods. There are electric sharpeners, filing systems, and belt systems. Knife Sharpening Techniques. Start stroking into the edge, ensure the angle is constant, and move your stroke to cover the whole length of your blade. Good size stone for gliding the knife edge over. Repeat this motion five times on each side of the blade, using light, even pressure to keep the knife against the stone. How to sharpen a pocket knife razor sharp using a sharpening stone. Place your knife at an angle of 10 degrees to the bottle edge. It also often results in a better sharpening—and, frankly, it just feels more satisfying! You can sharpen your knives in any number of ways. The spit will act as grease to make the kind of surface the stone should. If you want more of an edge, you can get a honing oil that’s high quality. Half of that is 15 degrees. Use the sharpening stone. Otherwise, using water is just fine. This will be the angle you want to hold your knife against the stone while thinning out behind the edge and creating a bevel. This method is quite simple and is … Switch to a fine grit stone and repeat the motion a few more times. Using a broken glass can help sharpen the blade of a knife quickly and fast. As a water stone, the rubber base is perfect for the soak and staying put on the workbench. The unpolished edges of a broken glass make it suitable for sharpening. Various styles of knife require different sharpening angles. Consult your knife’s manufacturer for a recommendation. Grease the stone with spit. 4 Steps To Get a Hair-Shaving Sharp Pocket Knife With A Whetstone Step 1: Spit. 1. You can use a fine-grit stone (such as a ceramic stone, which usually comes with knife-sharpening devices) to get an even sharper edge, using the same motion as you would when sharpening.