Composting is a great manure management technique to avoid these problems, particularly for small acreage horse owners. The following information for composting manures will help get you started. Compost Aeration Methods. Hot Composting. Place the soil on one side. In a hot composting system, you heat chicken manure … The first, and quickest way to compost chicken manure is using a hot composting system. In addition to learning how to compost with manure, you will find tips for using manure … By Vision Reporter Added 11th October 2017 02:50 PM Dig a pit of 45cm deep. Adding carbon, making the piles smaller and digging holes in the pile are ways of cooling the pile (Carpenter-Boggs, 1999). Composting Chicken Manure. How to make compost manure. Turning manure is essential to composting manure. Compost does not cause excessive weed growth, as is the case with ordinary farm manure. Put four poles (2m long) one for each corner of the pit. Composting manure piles is a great way to produce healthy soil, which produces healthy plants. Turning compost incorporates oxygen into the system, homogenizes the pile and breaks up clumps. Mixing allows more contact of manure … Composting with manure is not a new concept, though the various types of manures for composting may be, and there are many. All farmers, regardless of their financial abilities, can make and use compost. “Composted horse manure is a great source of slow … Composting chicken manure takes either heat or plenty of time. Good crops can be obtained without the need for extra chemical inputs.