storage), G & G PHP 170. SQF 2000 Haccp Quality control accredited. Web design by. the Sunraysia table grape growing region of Victoria, Australia. ... Omega Packaging’s newly designed and quality made Grape Tray Box, the A45 is now manufactured to supply our customers need for a quality export grape tray box. This reduces your cold storage needs. Please feel free to call us and discuss how we can meet your needs for this new quality tray box, Omega Packaging has marked its presence as the EPS Containers = Longer Shelf Life. Looking for grapes styro box at wholesale price in VIC? The Iudica family has been on the beans, butternuts, strawberries etc for over fifty years in A boom box was slung over one guy's shoulder like a bag as he picked grapes, sending the sounds travelling through the vines. Omega Packaging’s newly designed and quality made Grape Tray Box, the A45 is now manufactured to supply our customers need for a quality export grape tray box. I think the op's post would support this conclusion with the styro shippers. IUDICA P/L, Ensure complete quality control of the product by Thanks for real data!-jd EPS foam products is currently the lightest packaging materials, with shock absorption, slip resistance, low cost, easy packing, etc., has good quality of protective packaging materials. Styro box ~74, but wine bottle clearly cooler, probably high 60's. Just Grapes specializes in growing, packing and marketing quality table grapes from Sunraysia table grape growing region of Victoria, Australia. commonly used for export purposes, Stems Up Loose Widely used in home appliances, electronics, machinery, handicrafts, pharmaceutical and other products packaging industry. Our all new A45 Grape Tray was designed to meet our growers need fora flatter and longer tray type box that is different to the coffin grape box. I took this to mean after ~72hrs the pulp boxes had nearly equilibrated with the ambient temp while the styro hadn't yet. The new APTCO lid design is stronger, easier to use and does not damage grapes when the lid is put on. Styrofoam fruit box for grape ship . In response to our grape grower customer’s preference for this tray type of box we wanted to fulfill their need, now they can choose between the two. Product shelf life is a critical component in retail grape cultivation and distribution. Styro box, more distinct producer of custom moulding and... Read More, Call Us or Email To Arrange a Quote or Organise an Appointment, 53 Paramount Blvd, Derrimut VIC 3030, Australia, ©2020 Omega Packaging Australia PTY. We can provide our foam boxes delivered to the customer’s location or customers are also welcomed to make their own arrangements to pick up from our warehouse facility in Melbourne. cooler box, Styro box, polystyrene box,waterproof box, foam box, food box, car outdoor travel,Fragile protection,anti-vibration. The energy out in the vineyard was infectious. We are a leading manufacturer of high quality, food grade styrofoam grape tray boxes in Melbourne. LTD, All rights reserved. In addition to protein, fiber-filled whole grains score high on the satiety index. land growing fruit and vegetables including tomatoes, pumpkins, Pack Two Piece Tray (commonly used with sulphur pad for Quality grapes packaged to effectively withstand the rigors of produce transport and cold storage result in more product making it to retailers and fresher, juicier grapes being enjoyed by happy customers. Very sturdy and durable incubator, with a variety of applications, can be used for outdoor travel, or to keep food and seafood insulation and isolate the taste, storage of idle items in the home, good prevention of vibration and high temperature oxidation. Aim for about 1/2 cup whole grains per box, like: dealing directly with the growers and packers. The A45 Grape Tray meets our grape grower expectation for a quality box that is well priced in the market. Wine in pulp boxes felt room temp(but none felt warm). The box was designed to stack 10 layers per pallet, three pallets high in cold storage. Whole-grain foods also aid digestion and offer a ton of other benefits to overall health-from reducing the risk of heart disease to providing essential vitamins and minerals.