If a monster casts a lot of spells, silence them if you can. The spells they cast for long-range hurt more. You just have to have patience. Mostly, if you want to accomplish these solo, you just have to be high-enough level. This is a huge mistake, and everyone makes it. you'll now be heading to Valkurm Dunes to do page 1. If you want to find out what monsters link, check out the bestiary under the Hostility fields. Either grab a random book or get in a party with some people. This article is a guide. Then to the cave adjacent to it (4 Crawlers). You're SOL for a little on good exp. Instead, just press the lock-on button to stop locking on and run. Active nearly two decades, FFXI has over a dozen active servers, receives monthly updates, and is tied to Nexon's unreleased Final Fantasy XI R mobile project. It will just take longer to kill. As of 2014, Assault can now be entered by 1-6 players. To help give you a damn clue about where to gain Experience and Capacity Points.This is a collaborative guide, and thus information from various people and sources is included in.Most of the leveling for EXP is done solo with trusts or with a friend or two. They do a lot less damage when they don't cast spells. It is better to lose the XP from one fight than it is to lose the equivalent of 10 fights worth by dying. Most players will take this opportunity to clear Assaults solo, but some are fairly difficult to complete alone. Now notice that I don't say quests and missions. Use your special abilities when you can, but if you anticipate a difficult battle, save your TP. Similarly, if you gain enough TP to do a special attack while battling, use it right away, because more often than not that TP will go away due to resting after battle. This guide will give concise, yet comprehensive, instructions on completing each Assault, as well as giving a recommended job/subjob combination, difficulty level, and number of players needed. 4) Take advantage of elements if you can cast offensive magic. 2. 7) Always attack worms and other stationary monsters with melee weapons only, no bows. Supernova FFXI Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Weenie Hut Cauldron- Page 2, run from the end of one section to the other of the map when entering from the weastern entrance. This is Final Fantasy XI's main way of leveling. Of course, you'd have to bring a party to survive there at level 10 or 15, but if you wait until you are powerful enough to solo the monsters there, you'll be able to do it alone. For that is the duty of this guide. Squaresoft's legendary RPG series embarks on a new adventure where players from around the world join forces in a persistent online quest. 3) On the flip-side, if you find yourself with good HP and MP and still have TP left enough to do a special attack, use it. The most common party spot from level 10-20 is Valkurm Dunes. Don't try to kill things that are extremely tough, at this level it's much better to kill something that takes 4-5 hits. Unfortunately, because of level caps and whatnot, a few of the missions require you to have a party for one reason or another . With the obvious omissions of quests which require you to make parties (San D'Oria's watch tower quests, for example), most quests can be done alone. Solo leveling is not hard, especially during the early levels of play, so I won't cover that. Also, use the "call for help" command when you do this so others can kill that menace of a mob behind you. 9) Don't be afraid to call for help or run away. If you do run, disengage the same way I described for a melee class to do, and make sure to press the "call for help" button so others can help you. Sometimes it takes a try or two extra to heal because of your attacker. Solo Levelling. Other quests that require you to go outside the safety of town, however, are a bit different. If this isn't your first job, get an expbandand make it 10x faster. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. If a monster uses only physical attacks, blind them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Now, before you stop reading this and say "no, I don't think it's possible because I'm a casting class," hear this: during the beta I spent the majority of my time as a casting class, and had no problem leveling solo. 6) When attacking, always open with the dia spell or any spell that lowers the defense of the enemy. Remember, a special attack does more damage if the TP meter is more full than just 100%. For example, there is a quest you can get fairly early on that asks you to go out into the Jugner forest to find someone. There are some jobs capable of soloing, but most of the time you will spend your time leveling in groups. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Go to the Crag at the second zone from your city and do page 1 of FoV. This isn't as important for dec chals, but it is very important for even matches. With those out of the way, remember that there are plenty of quests that you can do alone. A lot of times people will send you a /tell that just says "PT? Camp at the spot where (D-6) (D-7) (E-6) and (E-7) meet. Get their through the hidden path at the South East part of (J-9). 3) Before attacking a decent challenge, and especially before attacking an even match, heal to the point where you have a good number of hitpoints. After that, blind them if you can, and if you can't, try other status ailments that you think might help. Guides are works of opinion. Sand-Hell TM Time to get sick of lizards and rabbits! Make sure to use the proper one for the proper situation. 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