Crisp, sharp images from edge to edge - a must have accessory for the astrophotographer. At the moment I'm using it for imaging with a stock Canon EOS T3i/600D and I get the focus without any problem. No stars comma, chromatic aberration or anything related to that. Be the first to Write a Review for this item! Explore Scientific ED80 Review. The flattener perfectly fits on my SkyWatcher ED80 doublet! Corrects the natural field curvature exhibited by refractor optical designs. But, for astrophotographers, the consequences of that same curved plane can ruin hours of patient imaging. The Explore Scientific 2-Inch field flattener was designed to be compatible with any ED refractor that will accept 2-inch accessories. The Explore Scientific ES MPCC Field Flattener ED APO + Nikon T2 is designed for use with the Explore Scientific Triplet Apo range of telescopes and provides field flattening characteristics for astrophotography. The images are flat-flat! Even the slightest breeze would jiggle my bulky Schmidt-Newtonian, thereby ruining my current 3-minute exposure. The field flattener has a standard T2 thread that allows connection to almost all … My Explore Scientific ED80 on a Sky-Watcher HEQ5 GoTo Mount. Specifications: Aperture - 80mm Focal Length - 480mm Focal Ratio - f/6 Weight - 2.7kg. Some items that are showing as in stock are in stock at our holding warehouses, not at the shop. It has a few shortcomings and compromises that keep its price affordable, but overall, this fine instrument will fulfil the needs of the most demanding photographer without breaking the bank in the process. For those with larger format imagers, we recommend the dedicated Explore Scientific Field Flattener or Field Flattener/Reducer. The Explore Scientific Essential Series ED80 (model # ES-ED0806-01) delivers the goods with solid construction and great optics. OTAs: Explore Scientific ED80 Essential Edition / The Little Guy (Celestron 90SLT) Mount: Celestron Advanced VX Gear: Canon 70D / Hutech LPS-D1-48 / ES 2" Field Flattener / QHY PoleMaster / Celestron GPS / ZWO ASI120MC / Orion 50mm Guide Scope / ZWO EAF Explore Scientific 2" Field Flattener Lens for ED APO Telescopes . Add to Cart Overview Specs Compare Overview About Explore Scientific Field Flattener A curved focal plane is an inherent feature in most telescope designs and is nothing to note for general stargazers. This unit also comes with a standard Nikon T-ring for use with all modern Nikon cameras. When I first began taking pictures of deep-sky objects through my telescope, they were shaky images with bloated football stars and poor focus.