See above.Need help? So I have a lot of ghost peppers and am always looking for uses. I only used 2 peppers … Tomato paste (2 tbsp) White sugar (1/4 Cup) Bourbon (3 oz) Cider vinegar (1/2 Cup OK, maybe not cereal. 10 would be enough for a nice hot sauce, but to go full inferno mode as shown in video, use 20-25 peppers. So you grew habaneros this year and you have WAY more peppers than you were expecting. You may need a bit more than the 1 cup of vinegar, depending on the consistency you like your pepper sauce. Chop the bell pepper and grind the dried habaneros into a powder (I use a coffee grinder for this and leave all the seeds in - you could remove some or all of the seeds before grinding if you like). Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Recipe. Cut the tops off of your chili peppers, then place them in a small bowl. Visit the post for more. Pour your peppers into a gallon size jar, or in my case, I used two half-gallon jars. How to Stop the Chili Pepper Burn On Your Skin.Also, pepper fumes may get into the air if you are not working in a well ventilated room, so you may want to wear a mask and possibly eye goggles. Fermenting The Chilies I put in on everything from egg sandwiches to Mexican foods, to cereal. The oils can get on your skin and cause burning sensations. This Beet hot sauce combines roasted red beets and red onions for sweetness, red wine vinegar for tartness and preservation, red bell pepper for mildness and redundant redness, and of course ghost peppers. Heat your … So yes, this ghost pepper hot sauce recipe packs a tad bit of heat. Puree the sauce in a blender or food processor and enjoy! Dried Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Recipe. Fill the jars to within 2 inches of the top with filtered water. Made with ghost peppers, cherry peppers, dijon mustard, and Chinese black vinegar, this sauce is… If you like heat, you will love this sauce. Ghost pepper hot sauce recipe chili madness homemade ghost pepper chili hot sauce recipe madness homemade ghost chile hot sauce recipe jeanette s healthy living how to make hot sauce from dried peppers simple vegan recipes WTF Sauce is a ghost pepper hot sauce that is so hot it will make you go What The F#@K?! Your quantity of ghost peppers for this recipe is dependent on desired hotness. This recipe works great with any type of hot pepper, but I used a combination of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jolikia, Chocolate Bhut Jolikia, Chocolate Scotch Bonnet, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero and the Seven Pod pepper. Get the recipe for ghost pepper hot sauce that's hot but still edible. ▢ However, its deep roasted flavor and fruity undertones make it the most flavorful hot sauce in my arsenal. When working with very hot chili peppers peppers, including superhot chili peppers, it is important to wear gloves when handling the peppers both in raw and dried forms. How to Make Fermented Hot Sauce with Chile de Arbol Peppers Step 1). Combine all ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil and then simmer for 8-10 minutes. Step 2:.