Pantxineta is another dessert on the list of Spanish pastries hailing from Basque. It’s served by locals to accompany coffee, tea, and as a delicious dessert. Pantxineta means “custard slice.” One look at the dish (and the name) might make you feel a bit intimidated to try making some at home, but this is actually among the Spanish dessert recipes which are easy to recreate. Gâteau Basque. Clean Eating Recipes. Jul 3, 2017 - In a land where dessert is offered at the end of every meal, these typical desserts from the Basque Country are sure to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth! This classic Basque Cake is a staple all across northern Spain and southern France, the traditional lands of the Basque people. Special Diet. Zazpiak Bat, “the seven are one.” 1. How could an article on sweets in the Basque country begin anywhere other than with Gâteau Basque, the region’s signature cake ! Food and Drinks. As a nod to the Basque’s omnipresent striped linens and espadrilles (that filled my suitcase) – all with seven stripes for the region’s seven provinces. Known simply as tarta de queso or gazta tarta in its native Basque, this simple yet incredibly creamy cheesecake variation is a decades-old local specialty of the La Viña Bar in San Sebastián. Explore. Like most Basque cooking, it’s based on simple techniques, but takes a few more steps than most classic Spanish cakes.