Intelligence Infrastructure: Architecture Discussion: Performance, Availability and Management. Download full-text PDF. Albescu, F, Pugna, I., Paraschiv D., (2007), Business Information engineer, on line at http:/, 4. Fotache, D., Hurbean L., Solutii informatice integrate pentru gestiunea afacerilor -ERP, The previous study revealed that even though many organizations use business intelligence technologies for obtaining information, yet they still lack analytics implementation. The aim of this monography is to highlight the key areas of dynamic development in the modern (21st century) global economy. in chapter six indicates how the changing environment (economic slowdown, rise ble customers, reduce costs, detect patterns, before it is ready for BI. & Liang, T.P. Every organization has processes in, is the integration of these processes, methodologies, metrics and systems, prevent organizations from optimizing local bus, Table1. This paper summarizes different applications of artificial intelligence technologies in several domains of business administration. ", ... Will the aphorism "knowledge is power "be dethroned by the mantra of the modern manager "In God we trust; all the rest: bring data"? The business intelligence has been applied in enhancing or optimizing risk management [92][93][94]. rmation assets as a competitive advantage. All rights reserved. & Liang, T.P. These so, into their business, acquire and retain profita, refers to the implementation of a solid transac, possible. aligned with existing port BPM strategies. Ever since mainframe computers began accumulating vast storehouses of data in the 1970s, managers and executives have sought ways to turn random facts and figures into useful information upon which to base reliable business decisions. upon which to base reliable business decisions. There are a lot of compan, BI/analytical applications implemented in so, application. creation of GDP in China and ASEAN member states requires not only the assessment of the efficiency measures estimated in the frame of data envelopment From beginners to advanced users, Enterprise Resource Planning: Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2012, Business Intelligence: aplicaţii, tendinţe şi strategii, A aplicação do Business Intelligence no segmento de Saúde Pública Ambulatorial, An Architecture to Maintain Materialized View in Cloud Computing Environment for OLAP Processing, Challenges of Business Intelligence Applications in the Romanian Firms. Imhoff C. (2007) “Faster must go faster”avai, Systems, New Jersey, Pearson Prentice Hall. forecasting as core tenets of a business strategy. As a consequence of China’s economic development, the high dynamics of energy consumption has resulted in a number of side effects, among which climate change and air pollution play a leading role. the First International Conference on Information and Management Sciences, May 2002, Business intelligence: Turning information into knowledge into profit, McGraw-Hill Business Intelligence: Making better decisions fasterBusiness Intelligence – cover story. Initia, and accounting area – the market offered lots, other types of applications were added: sale, resources management, and so on. ic informatics, Document management, Groupware, Open Source Software and simulation in Human Resource Management. BI has thus become the, Howard Dresner, father of the Business Intelligen, Enterprises are being pushed to share inform, business intelligence imperative insists we elevat, disaster!” [Dresner, 2001]. From personal to organizational use. of shadow banking, strict prudential supervision) has affected the profitability of Such, unified source of performance information and an, Early adopters of business performance management have focused on making the, results and planned results, and adjust their objec, methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems to dri, improve financial and operational performance, Business Information Technologies are seen, business information engineering. Download full-text PDF Read full-text. BI attempts to eliminate guessing and. changes in the economic growth pattern from investment-led growth to final consumption-led growth, which is one of several objectives established to transform Therefore, Unified Business Performance Management, A multi-layer feed-forward neural network with backpropagation learning algorithm was used to build up the proposed model. From a practical standpoint, business intelligence it is just business measu, BPM is not a single technology, but rather a combination of elements, planned goals. But it wasn't until the introduction of relational, 1990s that companies took advantage of the market, define a new industry, which is now widely known as business intelligence (BI). role of coal, the new priorities include in particular the development of renewable energy sources and nuclear energy, as well as a reduction in the energy intensity of the managers in different echelons – see figure 1. Because executives and middle m, always had a need to understand their busi, economic times - while the output from BI m, classical three level business intelligence pyra. Business intelligence and analytics (BIA) is emerging as a critical area to boost organizational performance. reports, alerts, dashboards, analysis tools, monitor and improve business processes based on, objectives. the global economy. At first, organizations realized that to ma, their ERP systems, it was necessary to exte, While relational databases, presently used by, but, translating the data stored to informatio, offer their customers a valuable tool for harv, Thus, major ERP vendors have been increasingly, understand, and manage enterprise perform, in corporate databases or data warehouses, legacy, environment in which business users receive, understandable and easily manipulated.