Playing either the Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe will feel like strumming a time machine, giving players the experience and feel of an instrument with the appointments that made the original stand out decades ago. Oops, looks like you forgot something. In this category, you’ll find instruments with top-tier appointments and painstakingly detailed craftsmanship that accentuates both the beauty and particularity of Jazzmaster design features. Explore our collection of buying guides across all instrument types. Well, yes, but the tone of the sound all depends on the type of tree. For this reason, pre-CBS (i.e., 1958-1965) Jazzmasters typically fetch higher prices. With an ever-expanding anthology of designs within this category, the Fender Jazzmaster is undoubtedly the grand-daddy of them all. Even if you took a Strat or Tele and stuffed in those big Jazzmaster pickups somehow, it still wouldn't be the same. By clicking Subscribe, I agree my data may be used for marketing purposes including email communications and third party marketing. The Squier Jazzmaster Special has no vibrato, no rhythm circuit and uses concentric volume/tone knobs. Germany, Any Telecaster. If, however, your appeal to offsets is less for their classic flare and more for their alternative appeal, the J Mascis signature gives a punk rock makeover to the design, with notable upgrades including an Adjusto-Matic bridge. Hey! The other key innovation on Jazzmasters has to be their single-spring-based tremolo system that is inset in the body behind the bridge. With such a spectrum of options, be sure to do your homework on build materials, hardware features, and electronic components to ensure your new-classic fits your needs. For example, the complex switching system is gone in favor of a three-way toggle. This is an ideal pick for those unaccustomed to, or uncomfortable with, the bouncing chrome tremolo designs of most Jazzmasters. Basically put, both Fender and Squier dance around the original Jazzmaster design quite a bit. The Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster is the best Jazzmaster money can buy right now, even more so than a Fender version. Please check the fields highlighted in red. While the design of these is quite simple and stable across models, you will generally find higher-quality materials the more you inch up the price range. An original-design Jazzmaster is quirky as hell, and I don't deny that. You have to play it differently, the electronics are a lot more complicated and there is a learning curve with the guitar. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. If you want the easiest possible electric guitar to play where you can just bang away on it and not care, you play a Telecaster. While a Stratocaster pickup has taller magnets and wire wrapped around this higher construction, a Jazzmaster pickup essentially squashes this design with shorter pole magnets and wire wrapped around the larger landscape. Most notably, the Player Jazzmaster does away with the traditional Jazzmaster tremolo in favor of a through-body tremolo assembly. Before delving into instrument options, however, there are several design appointments of Jazzmasters that generally differentiate between models down through the decades. Fender knows this as well as we do, and to plug into the past, its built a lot of modern Jazzmaster models are built from from blueprints of some of the most famous vintage designs from the line's long history. With that tremolo system rocking and rolling, bridge choice is huge for tuning stability. While these are both loved and loathed by players, they can also serve as a foundation for brilliant onboard circuitry mods to give your Jazzmaster a truly unique sound.