The goal, of course, is to guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate. Once you have had the experience of seeing everything using a telescope, it is highly unlikely you ever want to switch back to not wanting to see through it again. Always prefer open areas to use your telescope so that no object hinders your view of the object. Finding the right telescope can be challenging for amateur astronomers. Reflector telescopes provide good imaging and the best bang-for-buck in terms of power, but are big, heavy and harder to use. Magnification is essential, but a magnified image that is not clear is of no use to the viewer. Telescopes use lenses to manipulate light and give us images. Maxlapter Telescope offers a lifetime warranty and 30 days refund policy. The reflector telescopes are not too demanding on the maintenance side. So with the types of telescopes out of the way, are you still unsure of which telescope is better for you? You should know that while viewing from a window, the window glass becomes the part of the lens. However, the Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope will give you great starting views. Its package also includes the smartphone adapter that will help you to capture the desired photos and videos. The phone case allows you to connect you to capture and share images. When buying a telescope for beginners, you will want something to help you spot. 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Celestron NexStar 6 SE Telescope. When it comes to finding the best telescope for beginners, age can definitely play a role. Portable refracting telescope for beginners with surprisingly good optics and Alt-Azimuth mount with slow motion controls. Imagine lying on the grass, looking at the clear sky bright with all the stars you never knew existed. The TELMU Telescope is best for beginners. 4. CBR has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. When shopping for kids, however, you may want something that is designed to be safer for younger viewers. So, before buying a telescope, look at the eyepiece specifications as well. The PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope is equipped with the magnification of up to 250x that will allow you to see various details in space. It comes with a backpack that resolves the issue of storage. It has two replaceable eyepieces of K20mm and K10mm that will help you to magnify objects 20 to 40 times. Another common mistake that the telescope owners make is looking through a window. Due to these eyepieces, you can increase the power of the TELMU telescope. Here are a few tips from a fellow amateur astronomer: Safety is super important for anyone who is starting out in astronomy. You can observe the Moon and multiple planets, as well as dimmer, deep-sky objects. This telescope was designed for kids who quickly loose interest if setup is too difficult or too time consuming. This feature makes the telescope an ideal choice if you’re limited in terms of storage space or if you prefer to go do your stargazing during camping trips. The Best Telescope For Beginners. The bigger the aperture size, the more the light is allowed to pass through the lens or hit the mirror, and the better the image quality. The ToyerBee Telescope for Kids and Adults comes with a great range of magnification starting at 15x and going as high as 150 x. Check your favorite astrology news site to find out about astronomical events in your area. Take an interactive tour of the solar system, or browse the site to find fascinating information, facts, and data about our planets, the solar system, and beyond.