20 Arm Exercises Without Weights You Can Do at Home Plank Tap. ADVANCED: DO 3-4 Sets, BEGINNERS DO 1-3 Sets! Start in a high plank with your palms flat, hands shoulder-width apart, shoulders stacked directly above your... Side Plank. Bicep curls to push press. Although you can use weights for this exercise, it can be just as effective … Arm Toning Exercises For Women Without Weights (no equipment workout) At Home Beginner Friendly! Push-ups. This exercise is slightly challenging because you will need to balance your body on your … Place hands slightly behind you, … Reverse Plank. Sit on the floor with legs extended in front of you. source Please follow and like us:Share with your friends! Products You May Like Lie on your right side with your right hand directly underneath your right shoulder.