Comparison of the efficacy of rosuvastatin versus atorvastatin, simvastatin, and pravastatin in achieving lipid goals: results from the STELLAR trial. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to be increased to 20mg (maximum range 5-20mg). Current Medical Research and … Thus atorvastatin (Atorec) at 10mg dose is much less than rosuvastatin (Rosucor) 10mg. Rosuvastatin Atorvastatin Pitavastatin Simvastatin Lovastatin Pravastatin Fluvastatin High-Intensity (lowers LDL-C ≥ 50%) 63 40 mg ($196) 62 61 60 80mg ($9 gen, $ 236. br) 59 58 56 20 mg 54 ($196) 52 10 mg ($196) 50 40mg ($9 gen, $ 236. br) Moderate-Intensity (lowers LDL-C 30% to < 50%) br) 48 46 44 The correct clinical course of action would have been to increase the dose of atorvastatin to 20mg if … (2003). The current study demonstrated that rosuvastatin had greater efficacy than atorvastatin in producing favorable changes in the atherogenic lipid profile in high-risk patients with hypercholesterolemia. of patients on rosuvastatin and 80% on atorvastatin attained their LDL-C goal. The 5-year incidence of MACE for rosuvastatin versus atorvastatin was 4.1% vs. 4.6% for the overall population, 4.5% vs. 4.8% for those with diabetes, and 12.8% vs. 13.8% for those with CVD; corresponding relative risks of MACE were 0.90 (95% CI: 0.8820.92), (2003)10 To determine effects of statin Event-free survival rate of NODM and MACE was not significantly different between the atorvastatin and rosuvastatin groups (92.5% vs. 90.8%, respectively; Log-rank P-value = 0.550). rosuvastatin versus atorvastatin No language restrictions 25 RCTs (n=19,621) resulting in: 28 comparisons of 1:1 dose ratios 20 comparisons of 1:2 dose ratios 6 comparisons of 1:4 dose ratios of rosuvastatin vs. atorvastatin 10 of 25 trials were double blinded Mean study follow-up: 8.6 weeks Law et al. The first large trial that studied a renal hard outcome as a secondary objective showed that simvastatin combined with ezetimibe had no significant effect on the composite outcome of doubling of serum creatinine and end-stage renal disease, compared with placebo. comparing atorvastatin and rosuvastatin, which concluded that atorvastatin has beneficial renal effects compared with rosuvastatin. Patients age 18 years or older who were newly initiated on rosuvastatin or atorvastatin between August 1, 2003, and June 30, 2004, were included.